The year is 1989. The well-known basketball team Chicago Bulls is playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the scoreboard shows 98-100, Chicago is losing.

Michael Jordan is desperate, there aren't many seconds left on the clock. Jordan then receives a pass when he is standing about five meters from the basket, with a quick glance at the clock he sees that there are only a few second left; the basketball legend takes the shot. Spectators hold their breath as the ball flies into the air while the sound of the "buzzer" wails across the venue. The shot hits, and the Chicago Bulls win the game 101-100.

This legendary throw will later become one of Jordan's most mentioned shots and is today called: "The shot". The shot helped establish Jordan's reputation as the global superstar he is today.

What shoes did the basketball legend wear then? Well, of course a pair of Jordan 4s.

The Air Jordan 4 was designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1989. Hatfield and Nike broke new ground with materials such as plastic and nubuck combined with new components that allowed the shoe to breathe better and increase comfort. This, combined with Michael Jordan's "The shot", gave the shoe a global spotlight, outside of the basketball world.

Today, the Jordan 4 is considered one of Nike Jordan's classics, and with them coming back with the upcoming Retro releases, we see how highly Nike values ​​the legendary shoe.

Of our best sellers in 2022, two of the shoes were actually from the Jordan 4 model.

Jordan 4 Retro "Midnight Navy" & Jordan 4 Retro "Black Canvas"

We totally understand why. They are insanely good looking and some of the most stylish colors of all the Jordan 4 models.