Air Jordan is basically an American brand of basketball shoes and clothing created by Nike, but has become something much more.

Air Jordan was created by Michael Jordan, a former Hall of Fame basketball player who, during his time with the Chicago Bulls team, got to design a pair of exclusive shoes for Nike. This was in 1984, but the shoes were then released to the public on April 1, 1985.

It was then the black red color that was created by Michael but was banned from being used in the NBA by David Stern because the shoes had too little white on them. This was the start of the Jordan 1 shoes "Banned", with the same color scheme.

Fun fact about the production of the Nike Air Jordan is that the entire shoes are not produced in the same factory to complicate the process of creating a pair of copies. The different parts of the shoes, such as the sole, laces, etc., are produced in different factories and then sent to a factory that then assembles the entire shoe.

Now more, Nike Air Jordans are not known as basketball shoes in Sweden but trendy shoes worn by all different types of people. The most famous is the Jordan 1 Chicago, which sold the most copies. Since the first release in 1985, the shoes have received a remake 3 times and were released, in 1994, 2013 and most recently in 2015. If you own a pair of originals from 1985, you are lucky, as these are sold today for around 50,000 dollars.