Today, August 3rd, marks five years since the release of Mac Miller's iconic album 'Swimming'. An album that was released posthumously, half a year after the tragic passing of the talented rapper in January 2018. Since then, the tributes to Mac have been constant, and now, in line with the anniversary, Vans also honors his memory by launching a special sneaker.

The new sneaker model is based on the classic Authentic model and features a black-based canvas upper. On the toe box is a beautiful Yin-Yang symbol along with accompanying text, which adds a subtle and meaningful touch to the design. On the midsole, Miller's name and his year of birth are clearly visible, as an eternal reminder of his contribution to music and culture. The sneaker is completed with Van's iconic red signature patch on the heel.

The most inspiring thing about this particular sneaker is that a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Mac Miller Fund, a non-profit organization that supports children from underserved communities. Through various programs, resources and opportunities, the fund helps these children reach their full potential. It's a great gesture that truly honors Mac Miller's memory and his passion for helping others.

So let's celebrate together the fifth anniversary of "Swimming" and remember the unique artist Mac Miller. By wearing these special Vans sneakers, we can not only pay tribute to his musical legacy but also contribute to an important and meaningful cause. Let's continue to honor Mac Miller's memory by supporting initiatives that make a positive impact on young people's lives.