Shoe Tree, Sneaker Block, Tidningspapper, Handduk - Vad menas?

Shoe Tree, Sneaker Block, Newspaper, Towel - What is meant?

Do you know what I mean by all these words? Not? Of course, it is an item that can be used to smooth your sneakers between uses. The eternal stress...
November 16, 2022
Guide: Ta hand om dina sneakers

Guide: Take care of your sneakers

Are your sneakers clean and nice? If not, are you taking care of them properly? If you take care of your shoes properly, they will not only look better but...
October 13, 2022
Hur du tar bort veck och rynkor från dina skor

How to remove creases and wrinkles from your shoes

The only downside to using shoes is that they will get creases and blemishes. No matter how carefully you use them. The good news is that you don't have to...
June 30, 2022
Bevara livslängden på dina sneakers

Preserve the life of your sneakers

Preserve the life of your sneakers with an anti-creasing protection from The protection is placed at the front of the toe of your selected sneakers, perhaps a pair from...
June 28, 2022
Guide: Välj rätt snören till dina sneakers

Guide: Choose the right laces for your sneakers

Buy shoelaces here. When changing the shoelaces on your favorite shoes, you first need to find out what length works best with your shoes. If you have shoelaces that are...
November 11, 2021