2022 has finally come to an end, or maybe you haven't longed for it? Regardless of whether you think 2022 has been a good or a slightly worse year, I have summarized what our year in the sneaker world looks like.

First of all, I want to thank you from us for hanging out more during this eventful year. We have created many funny moments on social media and in real life here in the office. Above all, the sneaker industry has done really well.

Okay, to our sneaker year and yours at Merchsweden. What were the best sellers, really?

Best selling sneakers:

1. Air Force 1'07 "White"

2. Nike Air Jordan 1 "Light Smoke Gray Anthracite" Mid

3. Nike Dunk "White and Black" Low

The year started strong with Nike having trouble producing the new Nike Air Force 1 due to China being in lockdown. This created a greater demand for these already highly desirable stylish shoes. So nowadays the Air Force 1 '07, a model that has been popular for a long time precisely because it is a stylish and easily available shoe can be considered a more exclusive asset, which even for us can be difficult to get hold of on certain occasions. The Jordan 1 "Light Smoke Gray Anthracite" Mid and Dunk "White and Black" Low are no frills. These topped the charts in the last half of 2021 and it's no wonder they've held on until today.

Best selling sneakers 2022 Merchsweden

Let's move on to the best-selling products, across all categories. Are there any shoes in there too?

Best selling products

1. Air Force 1'07 "White"

2. Anti-creasing protection

3. Nike Air Jordan 1 "Light Smoke Gray Anthracite" Mid

It's no surprise that two of the best-selling shoes make it onto the best-selling product list, even though they differ by thousands in price. It proves once again how popular and stylish these shoes are. Regardless of age, gender or interests, these work incredibly well. Something to note is that we didn't start selling Anti-Creasing protection until the end of Q2, so both the Air Force 1 '07 "White" and the Jordan 1 "Light Smoke Gray Anthracite" Mid have had about 4-5 months more to sell on. So we shouldn't underestimate the power of Anti-Creasing protection next year, not least because it's a cheap and incredibly powerful product that helps your shoes stay nicer for longer.

Best selling products 2022 Merchsweden

Next up, this year's release. This goes to a shoe that has long been underestimated by the masses but which now seems to have opened the eyes of more people than ever in Sweden. So RELEASE OF THE YEAR goes to... Nike Jordan 4 Retro "Black Canvas" .

With a release date in October this year, the Jordan 4 "Black Canvas" took Sweden by storm, quickly topping our bestseller lists for the month and going hot in stock. Maybe it is for them the right time or is it because they are incredibly stylish that they opened their eyes to the Jordan 4 model. Not to forget , the Jordan 4 Retro "Midnight Navy " and the J ordan 4 Retro "Military Black" have also received incredible appreciation lately. Not only do you seem to love them, we have also put these in as an urgent buy and will buy them in as soon as we get hold of a pair. We can guarantee that these will go up in value, just like all Jordan 4s.

This year's sneaker release Merchsweden

Let's delve deeper into the biggest sale of the year. What I am of course talking about is this year's Black Weekend. Which sneakers were in demand and how did it look last year?

Best selling sneakers during Black Weekend 2022

1. Air Force 1'07 "White"

2. Nike Jordan 4 Retro "Black Canvas"

3. Nike Air Jordan 1 "Light Smoke Gray Anthracite" Mid

It may come as no surprise that this year's best seller and release of the year is on the list for Black Weekend's best selling shoes. This proves once again how desirable and stylish these sneakers actually are. I can almost guarantee that if you've walked around the streets of Sweden, you've probably come across one of these couples.

Now for perhaps the most interesting of all, how did 2021 on Black Weekend best selling shoes look compared to last year?

Best selling sneakers during Black Weekend 2022

Best-selling sneakers during Black Weekend 2021

1. Nike Jordan 1 "White Racer Blue" Mid

2. Nike Jordan 1 "Dark Teal" Mid

3. Nike Dunk "White and Black" Low

Now we can see some interesting things, only one sneaker seems to have lasted over 1 year. Namely the Nike Dunk "White and Black" Low, they have appeared on both a top list for 2021 and one for 2022. These shoes have an incredibly classic silhouette with their black/white colors. Nike's famous Swoosh adorns the side of these Dunks with its black color perfectly. If you don't recognize the name, it may be because they are often called the Nike Dunk Panda. These sneakers are so appreciated that Nike has actually made several variants in the same colorway. In 2021, they released the Nike Dunk Next Nature Black White Low (W), which is an almost exact copy of the original except that it is a women's model and part of the Nike collection Next Nature, which contains products that are kinder to the environment.

The conclusion we also seem to be able to draw is that you have moved away from the little color that was on the best sellers last year to rock clean shoes with as little color as possible. Is it because the fashion world is getting boring? Hardly think so. Because who doesn't love a pair of sneakers that go with any outfit, whether you're wearing lots of colors or none at all.

Best-selling sneakers during Black Weekend 2021

I and the entire team at Merchsweden would like to thank you once again for an absolutely incredible year. We have created many new memories and hopefully have done the same for you.

January 10, 2023

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